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Whilst you may have resources in house who can support you in some parts of the process, it’s rare that you’ll have the full spectrum of technical, creative, strategic, production and writing skills required to keep your project running at an optimum capacity.

Responding to your competitive landscape, keeping your site secure with the latest software patches and upgrades, adapting to new and best practices on the web, maintaining engagement and launching new marketing campaigns or programmes requires many of these skills and that’s where we’ve built a dedicated team to help.

Client Research

Client Research

We’re curious by nature. So, it’s only natural that when we start a new project, we ensure that we find out as much as we can about you. We do this using many different processes and techniques, some we can perform in house, whilst others are based on client facing workshops, discovery meetings, interviews and more.

Client Research


Whilst most of us can write content that explains a service or products, it’s much harder to capture a brand’s tone of voice, those phrases and instructions that ensure that visitors get a much better sense of who you are and how you will engage with them as a user, customer or stakeholder.

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UI (That is more than skin deep)

Each step in our process helps us to focus and refine a user’s experience. We start to look more closely at the elements that a user will see on the screen itself: content, navigation, calls to action, interactive features etc.

Wireframes are the documents that we output from this process, they’re essentially static (or interactive) sketches that demonstrate the content, features and navigation a page will have. They also become the blueprint for designers, developers, content writers, animators and SEO teams to all have a say and understand what a specific page needs to do and what they need to do to bring it into reality.

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Front End Development

What’s the difference between a nice-looking website and a great user experience? Often, it’s in the subtle ways that a visitor moves about and interacts with a site, when forms appear only when needed, buttons pulse or react at appropriate times, pages update without having to totally reload, subtle feedback is provided when the user clicks or submits a form. All this contributes towards a seamless, pain-free user experience. Our Front-End developers live and breathe the code and techniques that help make websites engaging and a joy to use.

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Responsive Design

Ever tried to use a website on a smartphone or tablet that forces you to zoom in and scroll about, so you can read the content? Not a great experience is it? Whilst most websites are built to be ‘responsive’, it’s less common to find sites that have been properly considered from a ‘mobile first’ principal. What we mean by this is that if you consider content and functionality to be important no matter what device a user is on, then it makes sense to work and plan from the lowest common denominator first and plan what a user will need from a mobile device first. What’s the most important pieces of content or functionality they need to see on a small mobile screen? Is it that huge, screen sized banner image that everyone seems to think is so important? Possibly not.

We design a site from the ground up to consider how a site may progressively enhance depending on the size of screen a site is being viewed on. The more space we have the more we might be able to show but never at the expense of meaningful information or calls to action.

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Open Source Development

The Open Source Community works together to create software that is freely available to anyone who wants to use it. Nearly all the sites we build use open source Content Management Systems, which means that whilst you are given a website with a powerful, flexible CMS, you don’t pay for any software licensing costs, instead you pay for our expert time to configure and built the site to your exact specification. The added advantage is that if you’re not using proprietary code the less liable you are to be locked into any one agency who’s code you rely on.

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Website Maintenance

You’ll be assigned with a dedicated Digital Account Manager who will be your first point of contact for all your ongoing website support needs. They in turn work with support team on your side, you can depend on talented designers, developers and account handlers who know your project intimately and are committed to building long term relationships with you and your team.

Regular (usually weekly) client meetings ensure that projects and tasks stay on track and that we’re on hand to provide ongoing support whilst also recommending appropriate improvements to your site.

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SEO (Optimising with intelligence)

Clearly, no matter how good your website is, it’ll rarely live up to expectations if your visitors can’t find it in the first place. We build websites from the outset with Search Engine visibility in mind, from page naming to sitemaps.

All our sites are provided with a complete set of CMS tools that allow you to optimise every aspect of the site from page titles, to breadcrumbs and metatags, and the site is set up with Google Analytics so that it’s performance can be tracked.

We’re also happy to provide initial SEO strategy, where we can perform site audits, keyword analysis and reports on the most appropriate action to take or we can provide ongoing service where we optimise the site and its content over time.