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Empower Teams With Effective Project Communications Management

The volume of offline and online communication produced during a single project can be significant. But when the scene shifts to an enterprise environment that typically runs dozens, hundreds or even thousands of active projects, the amount of communication is incomprehensible – and that’s why enterprises worldwide rely on Avaima.

Accessible online from any internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Avaima delivers the robust and easy-to-use communication tools that internal and external teams need, including:

  • Organized discussion boards
  • Document management and version controls
  • Built-in messaging with tagging
  • Customizable group calendars

What’s more, Avaima integrates the power of the cloud with robust collaboration tools and automatically connects conversations with structured work items (e.g., projects, milestones and deliverables).

See why leading enterprises rely on Avaima to drive, manage and control project communications management across the portfolio. Launch your free trial today.

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