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AVAIMA is an online web-based store that sells business applications of all kinds. These applications are designed to work only in AVAIMA control panel (in any web browser with internet access) so no downloads or installation is required. The user signs up for free and searches the list of applications and adds the apps that she wants. Most of these applications require monthly subscription and all the data of these applications is stored on AVAIMA cloud.

To develop an application for AVAIMA, the interested party needs to subscribe as a developer and then submit their idea. After the idea is approved, the company/developer can use the API’s to develop the application. Along with the API’s, the company/developer is required to follow some rules, regulations and practices for coding and for front-end. This is to ensure that a customer using one app on AVAIMA finds it easy to use another AVAIMA application. Familiarity of work flow and standards create a comfort for customers and encourages them to use more AVAIMA applications.

Infrastructure for AVAIMA is built to scale horizontally. This means that the required disk space and computing power can be upgraded (as much as needed) without having to manage servers and hardware and without the need to change the application in any way. This means AVAIMA is capable of accommodating growing traffic needs.

What do I get?

A secure, managed Database and Middleware platform that’s always up to date Backup and recovery, security, patching, upgrades, space management and 24/7 monitoring and code promotions Database cloning services for products like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL Web-enablement using products like WebSphere Application Server, Oracle Application Server, Weblogic, and Apache Tomcat A roadmap and recommendations resulting from a review of your current environment, processes and procedures Development and maintenance of logical and physical data models, data rules, standard naming conventions and coding best practices.

Why should I care?

Eliminate worry about environment outages or security breaches Fully auditable environment reflecting your security policies with additional recommended security practices included Ease the staffing crunch with access to the experts— Avaib team maintains personnel skilled on each platform so you don’t have to Stop purchases and management of platform-associated hardware and software Replace troubleshooting with Avaima’s built-in 24/7 support Automatic or planned software upgrades keep you current.

Avaib is the proud creator, owner and sole distributor of Avaima platform and a leading market provider of innovative IT business solutions in Pakistan. Avaima improves your business approach and your bottom line. Avaima has been well received and appreciated globally for skilled resources, predictive analytics, Cloud Computing and IT mobile solutions, offers you a wealth of business intelligence to help you to gain edge, solve problems, save time, and make more money.

avaib products