Trim the development cost of your iOS project

Trim the development cost of your iOS project

iOS development isn’t cheap. Professional firms with hands-on experience and successful projects will provide you with costly estimates, even an in-house development team will turn out to be pricey.

IOS development cost is on the higher side not just because you are seeking services for Apple’s platform but because there aren’t lot of professional developers who can really make a difference to your app idea.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that only the start-ups with financing are able to get iPhone apps. If you are smart, right from the word go, the development cost can be trimmed significantly.

Here’s how to go about it!

Define clear requirements with dead-lines and stick to them

Knowing your requirements and deliverables before kicking off the project is crucial. Draft all the details of your project based on intense research about your audience groups, their expectations, demography, and the competition. The draft must entail all the necessary features you require in the basic construction of the app, after the final draft has been approved start searching for a company to build the application. For on-going projects do not ask the developers to make any unnecessary changes which aren’t described or listed in the final draft, doing so will increase the project cost significantly and effect the deadline for each milestone mentioned in the draft.

Convert your idea into reality with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The minimum viable product development is an approach where a new app is developed with the core features satisfying early adopters. Get lean and save time and money with an MVP showcasing your core features. You can test it with your target audience, find product-market fit, or pitch it directly to investors. Once the app begins to get traction, building out the rest of the “nice to have” features of the product, mobile app functionality or additional work needed can be addressed for a more complex project.

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Rates, skills & work culture balance

Always compare the cost with the skills offered, this will restrict you to pay more. Work culture is the environment in which you work. It is a powerful element that shapes your work enjoyment, your work relationships, and your work processes. For newbies in the IOS world launching their first app, this comparison will influence you to find a reasonable service provider who also suit your budget.

Freelancers/Work from home developers might persuade you with lower costs but they rarely deliver on quality promised and often lack enculturation.

Open source framework

There are plenty of open-source frameworks readily available, their use in app development can contribute to some serious cost-cutting. However, choosing open source frame-work will have more cons than pros, be ready to deal with proprietary issues, security concerns etc.

Outsourcing the right way

When outsourcing your projects always ask for references, free consultation and opt working on fixed project rates. Hiring the company on hourly basis can result in huge gaps in pricings. But if you are still going with hourly pricing model, make sure you have clear plan in your hand. It simply means you know how time will features / functions will take for their development.

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