Content Marketing Trends For 2018

Content Marketing Trends For 2018

As technology trends and search engines advance; so, do the approaches marketers employ to engage their consumers online. If you aren’t lingering on top of the latest trends in content marketing, your brand will lag behind, will be plain and dull.

But the mediocre business owner or marketer can go overwhelmed striving to remain on top of all the latest, sparkling strategies. That is why I researched for you; so you can instantly get up to date on the most recent content marketing trends for 2018 and uncover what tools you should be employing to get the most out of your works.

So, what content trends should you be paying attention to in 2018?

Video -Remains A Big Deal!

If you have been tying off on creating the video, now is the time. The video was supposed to be huge in 2017, and that trend is not lagging down. HubSpot details that video is a viable priority, with 48% of marketers intending to add YouTube to their marketing strategy in the next year, and 46% program to add Facebook video.

You no longer require a high-end camera or high-tech editing tool to create a professional-looking video. All you need to have is a smartphone, a phone tripod, and a social networking account to post the live video on Facebook.

After desegregating their own Facebook Live plan, team members at Search Engine Journal gathered analytics and discovered that their average Facebook Live video engagement was 178% higher than their regular post engagement. Also, the average reach of posts gets doubled for live videos.

Social Media Isn’t Dead Yet – But, Demands You Diversify!

You must have heard how Facebook’s current drop in organic reach suggests that social media is inert, at least as a way to distribute content.

The truth is, any time you employ a third-party platform to spread your content, you will be at the mercy of that third-party editing their rules. You should never depend too massively on any third-party to spread your content. Instead, strive to build straight connections with your public through email, membership websites or in-person experiences.

Unique Content That Doesn’t Market, Is In

When you think of content marketing, what pops up in your mind? Designing a white paper? Writing a blog about your newest acquisition? A viral log about a subject that depicts your brand?

In 2018, content marketing is about generating appealing content audience actually want to engage with. Stop boasting about your brand, and start producing content that people want to read, listen or watch. You can follow the footprints of big brands. Apple lately committed to spending $1 billion on fresh web content for its streaming platform. Pepsi Co started a brand new content production studio in downtown NYC with the plan of generating revenue and creating a carrier for advertising their products.

Sponsored posts, imprinted emails, and conventional ads are no longer as useful as they once were. If you aren’t seeking to create meaningful, engaging content in 2018, your shots are going to die flat. Sure, that serves for Pepsi, right? They hold millions to spend. But what is a smaller company without the budget to produce a full-scale music studio to do in this latest content world?

You can begin by leveraging means that aid you produce gorgeous, professional-looking content. Here are a few of my picks:

• Skitch: This app from Evernote helps you take and mark up screenshots so you can produce polished how-to guides and eBooks.

• Snappa: This tool is comparable to sites like PicMonkey and Canva but, in my view, much more instinctive to use. It also helps you save templates so you can design images promptly. The “team save” feature makes collaborating easy.

• Promo by Slidely: This video making tool simplifies creating seriously professional-looking videos for small businesses.

End note!

Content marketing isn’t going anywhere in 2018. You can no longer bear to ditch content marketing till next year. In fact, 2018 is the high time to spend in content marketing. As the industry swivels away from branded content directed at merchandising (even lightly), to content as a channel, there are wide open possibilities for innovative brands to join the market and take the recognition of consumers.

If designing a plan and getting buy-in from stakeholders looks overwhelming, kick-off small with a one-page content marketing strategy and grow as you learn.

It is the time to quit asking how your content marketing can accelerate sales and start questioning what your content can do for your public.

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