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What we offer through our partners

  • Earn recurring profit by selling websites A website you build for your customer is a one-time sale. In this deal we discuss how you can partner with us to convert a one-time sale into recurring compounding income without any additional expenses. Here is how it works –say you have a new website project. You can choose one of our competitive packages to get the website developed through us. Once its complete and delivered, we use the same website to develop a template and list it on and you don’t pay any additional costs. By doing this, it becomes a reusable website template that can be sold to other customers in the same industry. Traffic on directly buys your template increasing your revenue on each sale. How much you earn from each sale is listed on this page.If you design and code your websites, you can provide us with the files and we will create the template and post it on for $99 only!Contact us now by emailing us at You can also talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA.
  • Earn by selling ready-made websites You can partner with us to sell ready-made CMS websites on on compounding commission basis. For details visit the agents and partners page us now by emailing us at You can also talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA.
  • Earn by selling websites Build websites for your customers. Use our portfolio and our experience to find work and we’ll take care of all the back-end support you need in order to deliver. We will also provide you with the necessary marketing material so you can successfully pursue your leads with confidence. Pricing of our website development packages is very competitive and we only deliver professional cum quality work. Click here to see our website development packages. We offer 5-10% discount to our partners on all the packages .Contact us now by emailing us at You can also talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA.
  • Earn money through software developmentHow it works: A customer wants a software application for her business. You can take the basic requirements and pass it on to us. We are experts so we don’t need comprehensive details. We analyze the requirements and give you a cost. This cost would be very competitive (usually less than 25% it takes to build a software in traditional ways) which means you can offer your customer a price higher than what we quoted you. You book us and we start working on the software application. Once it’s complete you charge your customer for maintenance as it is a SaaS application (internet-based software application) and you keep 50% of the maintenance fee. So basically you earn in three ways; by making money on software development itself, by charging the customer maintenance fee and by selling the same software application to your other customers. You can sell it to other customers because we use Avaima platform for your software development. Avaima platform makes the development faster and simultaneously makes it a SaaS application without requiring any extra efforts. Your software application appears on homepage so it gets a lot of traffic. Other benefits include:
    • You become the owner of the software application
    • You get monthly recurring maintenance from all subscribers
    • All Avaima customers and traffic on will be able to purchase your software by subscription for a package for which you get 50% of the fee every month

    Contact us now by emailing us at You can also talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA.

  • Earn by selling SaaS Applications We have a wide range of software applications for small and medium sized businesses. Our partners can sell these to their customers and charge them for consultation. Most customers do not take the initiative of finding and learning a software and rely on consultants to provide them with the assistance. This is where you come in and you can provide this service for a consultation fee. You keep the consultation fee and as a vendor, we ensure that you have the required support from us so you can deal with your customers with confidence. Support includes adding new features for free and addressing any problems that the customer faces in using the application. As a partner, you can also request new features, updates and any particular query you want addressed in anyway.SaaS Applications we offer include:
    • Customer Management System
    • Vendor Management System
    • Contract Management System
    • Point of Sale (POS) with Product and Inventory Management
    • Student Management System
    • School Fees Management System
    • Time & Attendance Software
    • Payment subscription (recurring payment) systemSee for details and other applications we are offering.

    Contact us now by emailing us at You can also talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA.

Security & Privacy Issues

Our agents and business partners are very valuable to us. We have very strict policies and ethics in the way we deal with our agents & partners and the clients they bring to us. We communicate with the end-clients only when our partners want us to. Otherwise, we keep our identities concealed and the end-clients never know that we were involved. Our policies include:

  • Do not post a project in the portfolio without the permission of the agent/partner
  • Do not contact the end-client(s) unless asked and/or authorized by the agent/partner
  • Do not directly quote prices or talk about quotations with the end-client. If an end-client comes to us with work, we redirect the request to the agent/partner
  • In case our relationship dissolves (for any reason) with the agent/partner, we never contact the agent/partner’s clients (for whom we worked) unless asked and/or authorized by the agent/partner. In the past it has happened that our agent/partner closed their businesses or sold them to other parties and we forfeited the projects and never contacted the end-clients without prior consent of the stakeholders.

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