Monthly Archives - June 2018

How Keywords Drive Search Traffic and Social Media

If you’ve ever created curated, search engine optimized blog content, then you’re at least semi-familiar with the concept of a keyword. These targeted phrases are based on what topics users are searching for the most. If you can create quality content that Google’s algorithm likes, you’ll climb the rankings on the results page, which means that you’re far more likely to get clicked on. Being deliberate with your keywords can drive search traffic to your site, which means that [...]


What is App Store Optimization?

A relatively new concept in the field of digital marketing, we explore what is ASO and how you can use it to improve the visibility of your app… The world of marketing, and particularly digital marketing are full to figurative bursting with acronyms which can sometimes spin even the most knowledgeable and digital-savvy heads around – SEO and PPC being perfect examples of this and though they may seem confusing it’s these acronyms that will inevitably lead to an increase [...]