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Why CEOs must partner with IT to achieve true digital transformation

CEOs are under increasing pressure to become tech-savvy due to technology’s ability to dramatically reshape business. Demand for CEOs—even company boards—to become more tech-savvy is increasing, as digital transformation is poised to alter the competitive landscape in many industries. “Top-level leadership is important for companies that are undergoing a digital business transformation,” said Stephanie Woerner, research scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management Center for Information Systems Research. “This need for digital savviness doesn’t mean that CEOs are going to [...]


Content Marketing Trends For 2018

As technology trends and search engines advance; so, do the approaches marketers employ to engage their consumers online. If you aren’t lingering on top of the latest trends in content marketing, your brand will lag behind, will be plain and dull. But the mediocre business owner or marketer can go overwhelmed striving to remain on top of all the latest, sparkling strategies. That is why I researched for you; so you can instantly get up to date on the most [...]