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Using technology in SMBs

Be it any industry … technology is evolving, emerging & enduring efficiently specially in small & medium businesses this comes as no surprise. In SMB domain technology is replacing all the dated manual procedures yet using technology in SMBs is much more than just digitalizing. “Triggered by the recession, generational changes, and globalization, a tectonic shift is changing the face of small business. But, just like larger entities, SMBs need to use technology-based solutions to help improve business productivity, increase [...]


Avaima’s Time & Attendance

Popular Business Software Directory Recognizes AVAIMA Time & Attendance With Two Employee Monitoring Software Awards Reputable experts from FinancesOnline, a popular business software directory, have recently awarded AVAIMA Time & Attendance two of its major awards: Great User Experience and Rising Star Award. Both recognitions signify that Avaima Time & Attendance has satisfied and impressed our users due to our solution’s well-designed functionalities that allow companies and organizations to easily monitor their employees’ attendance and work hours. The Great User Experience [...]