Monthly Archives - October 2017

Tips for Hiring Remote Tech Pros

The problem of finding and retaining top tech talent has always been a challenging one. There never seems to be enough skilled professionals to fill open positions; similar salaries make it nearly impossible to convince great candidates to uproot themselves for a job. One solution for attracting in-demand candidates is offering the option to telecommute. It’s a trend that’s reshaping the tech hiring space. But the key wrinkle is how to hire remote workers effectively. Where Are They? “Because we’re in a [...]


Trim the development cost of your iOS project

iOS development isn’t cheap. Professional firms with hands-on experience and successful projects will provide you with costly estimates, even an in-house development team will turn out to be pricey. IOS development cost is on the higher side not just because you are seeking services for Apple’s platform but because there aren’t lot of professional developers who can really make a difference to your app idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only the start-ups with financing are able to get iPhone apps. [...]


Scaling Your SaaS Application In The Cloud

Last week we talked about cloud services to help enhance your SaaS application infrastructure. Today we’ll talk about how to use the cloud to expand your current infrastructure into the future. The cloud gives you the same options for scaling that you’d find in a traditional SaaS environment with advantages that you can’t get out of traditional architecture. How Cloud Scaling Works When it’s time to scale vertically with physical or dedicated infrastructure you’ll have to deal with adding capacity to [...]