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Beyond the four walls, Avaib to the rescue

Every morning, I roll out of bed about 6:30am, take a shower, eat breakfast, read newspaper, and head to work. As I grapple with the ceaseless rundown of to-do tasks and untiring hours of work, I begin to wonder if this is what I really want, a pragmatic divide between my work and my personal life which easily takes over each where prolonged demand from any one has to be met. I usually find myself in a perplexing state of [...]


What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor IntegrationTime Doctor is a tracking software that accurately tracks employee time and provides detailed analytics of where time is spent during work hours. It’s a highly developed program that offers a number of essential features, including: Accurate tracking to the second. Periodic screenshots of work. Website tracking. Project and task breakdowns. Reporting tools. Payroll tools. Client logins. Multi platform compatibility. Integrates with other softwares. API. Time Doctor also nudges you when you may be distracted from work. If you haven’t moved your mouse or typed on your keyboard [...]


MVP – The secret ingredient behind your entrepreneurial success

In the technology spree for today, the business-tech experts have come up with a new theory of MVP. The term MVP has evolved from “most valuable player” to the “minimal viable product” which refers to the simplest possible form of any product or service a business may aim to bring to the market and yield results from it The purpose behind building such a simplified product or service before embarking on the intricate product journey is to bring the business [...]